We help you showcase the value and safety of your apps. Our
objective and rigorous review process ensures that great apps rise
to the top of our search results purely on merit.

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ORCHA is the worlds the leading provider of health and care Apps and uniquely
provide a comprehensive and dynamic monitoring of the health and care App
market. Our team includes experts from all aspects of the health and care App
world and it is the combination of these skills and capabilities that ensures
that the ORCHA Review Process and Score is based on a fully rounded and rich
analysis of each App.

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Our review process looks at your App from many different perspectives, it is entirely objective and is based on clear evidence being available from the face of the App or any immediately surrounding support material (such as App Store info or supporting websites) to support the question being asked. The answers to the review questions attract points which are either positive or negative. At the end of the process all these points are aggregated and compared to the total potential score and this creates percentage % achievement score that is used to order Apps on searches within the ORCHA platforms

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The ORCHA score is the default mechanism for ordering the return of search results on all ORCHA platforms. The highest scoring Apps in any particular search category will appear at the top.

With over 3000 Apps already represented on our platforms, most common category areas already have over 30+ Apps associated with them and users and professionals rarely get past the top 5-10. The ORCHA platforms are also used extensively by health and care professionals who have their own ORCHA Pro-Accounts which allow them to find, compare and recommend Apps to their patients and service users. The vast majority of health and care professionals will only recommend Apps that are achieving a reasonable ORCHA score and obviously they tend to favour the highest scoring Apps.

The ORCHA score is also increasingly being used as a mechanism for filtering Apps in any given category to enable the selection of the top performing Apps by health and care organisations and communities who wish to promote, accredit or endorse a smaller set of Apps to their populations. This is an increasing trend and we have many examples, locally, nationally and internationally of this approach gaining traction.


By activating your account you can get a preview of what your ORCHA App card will contain. This is the key information that we provide to the public and health and care professionals. You can also access a fuller Review Report that provides you with detailed insights into what areas of our review you could have performed better in. You can also alert us to any obvious errors in your review through the Account Services section of your account and also request a re-review if you have been able to improve on the areas we have identified as needing improvement


My ORCHA also enables you to access any secure App recommendations that your Health and Care Professionals have made to you as part of the care they provide. You can also set up or participate in a friends and family group which lets you create accounts for your children or elderly parents for example and recommend apps to them to help improve their health and wellbeing. LEARN MORE